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Азбука вкуса

«Азбука вкуса» – одна из наиболее динамично развивающихся компаний розничного сектора, объединяющая более 80 супермаркетов «Азбука вкуса», крупноформатные «АВ Маркет», минимаркеты «AB Daily», специализированные Энотеки, а также интернет-магазин https://av.ru/

«Азбука вкуса» стала первой российской компанией в сфере розничной торговли продуктами питания, внедрившей и сертифицировавшей систему менеджмента качества, основанную на стандартах серии ISO 9000. В 2015 году компания в очередной раз успешно прошла ресертификационный аудит и подтвердила соответствие внедренной системы требованиям международного стандарта ISO 9001:2008. В 2015 году «Азбука вкуса» также сертифицировала свое пищевое производство (фабрика-кухня) по международному стандарту ISO 22000:2005. В 2016 году область действия стандарта ISO 22000:2005 была расширена на хлебопекарное производство компании.

Компания является одним из лидеров российского розничного рынка и занимает первое место среди продуктовых ритейлеров по товарообороту на квадратный метр. «Азбука вкуса» стремится к созданию лучшей в мире сети продуктовых супермаркетов и задает стандарты культуры торговли и социальной ответственности бизнеса.

Все специалисты Энотек Азбуки вкуса — выпускники Академии Винного Бизнеса.




Suze-la-Rousse Universite du Vin, the Science of wine for everyone.

Wine has its own University, its students, its trainees and its diplomas. In the heart of the vineyards of the Cotes du Rhone, one learns about the vine and the wine, its history and its culture. And it is open to everyone: professionals and consumers, for short of long all years long.

The idea came up one day in 1978. All the independents were gathered: a beautiful castle from the 12th century classified “Historical building” in the heart of the vineyard of the Cotes du Rhone, and professionals from the wine industry who had a science, and a passion to share and pass on but also lots of things they have to learn themselves. Because wine men know it well: knowledge is never complete and many things always remain to be learnt. Wine is, above all, a school of modesty.

Since then, the Universite du Vin (literally University of Wine in English) has considerably developed.
Every year more than two hundred students and two thousand consumers from France and many other countries, come here for academic studies, initiation weekends or in-depth trainings. The Universite du Vin is an extraordinary tool for these who want to learn about wine for work purposes or simply pleasure:
- Bilingual French and English teachers and speakers
- A documentation center with a large library of books (including a specialized bookshop), essays, studies and dissertations, most of the files are also accessible on the website as electronic documents
- A Congress center, open for seminars and private receptions
- An Oeno-agronomic Development and Research center, working on wines from all over the world
- A taste-of-the-art tasting amphitheatre with 36 tasting stations
- The Vine Garden, located at the fool of the castle which grows the seventy main types of vines of the great wine countries
- A Certified Tasting center where the wines are tasted and controlled before they can get the famous “AOC” label (Appellation d’Origine Controllee)
- A 12th century castle, quite unique in its architecture and surrounded by woods on one side and the village of Suze-la-Rousse on the other side, which visitors can visit.

The University of Wine delivers academic diplomas and certifications, in the partnership with other universities, and also ensures an on-going training for professionals with training for short duration, as well as lectures and tasting sessions during the weekend for the many wine lovers who come here for pleasure while learning the art of tasting in Suze-la-Rousse.

Universite du Vin

Located in the heart of the second largest French vineyard, in the Rhone Valley, and settled in a unique 12th century castle, the Universite du Vin has been offering education and training on all wine related activities to French and international audiences for 30 years.

Short term/part-time Trainings
60 trainings cover various and large themes, like vineyard management techniques, wine making practices, wine tasting methods, “sensorial evaluation”, wine trade and export classes, wine regulations and laws, etc. These trainings are a perfect and convenient tool to improve knowledge and skills of the students aiming at working in the wine sector and wine professionals who want to improve their practice.

The Universite du Vin offers a certification called Sommelier-Conseil, a unique official academic diploma dedicated to the wine and beverage staff on and off premises (restaurants, wine bar, retails). The diploma is an in-depth training on French and international wines which will help the staff in talking about and selling wines to their clients. Wine knowledge is completed and enriched by classes on sensorial analysis, food and wine pairing, terroir/geography and culture of each vineyard, so that the students get a formidable culture on wines. Each student will develop his or her own wine culture that will make them better consultant sale person.
The Universite du Vin delivers this diploma following a 4-month class and training period. Students come from France and all over the world (Europe, America, Asia, etc). However the classes are taught in French which requires students to understand, write and speak French when they start the program, foreign students can follow an intensive training in French in the nearby schools.

Other academic diplomas/curriculum
In partnership with the Universite d’Aix en Provence and Universite de Grenoble, where the students register, the Universite du Vin specialized curriculum in wine-related fields:
- Master Droit de la vigne et du vin et des produits de qualite (equivalent of a Master degree in “Vineyard, Wine and Specially products Law”)
- Licence Professionnelle Gestion et Marketing du secteur vitivinicole (equivalent of a Bachelor Degree in “Management and Marketing in the wine sector”)
- Diplome Universitaire Analyse Sensonelle et Degustation (equivalent of a academic credit in “Sensorial Analysis and wine tasting”)
- Option de Master Connaissance et Gestion des Terroirs (equivalent of an academic credit in a “Master degree Knowledge and Management of the terroirs”)

The students and interns at the Universite du Vin also have access to the Library Center, to the network of professionals and technicians in the wine sector, to the wineries abd negociants in the Rhone Valley vineyard in addition to all the teachers. The Universite du Vin is a unique place dedicated to the vineyard, the wine culture and their environment, it welcomes all who want to discover and make theirs this universe, its culture and its social and economic values. The Universite du Vin is the place to study for all who across France and the world want to work for the development of wine and its image.